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Will do, @DanTheMan
Boston Strong. Never forget the tragedy that happened a year ago in Boston (Hometown)
I don't think so jc.
Hi, was the server updated yet?
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Ey guys, your no-questions-asked favourite admin here. Everything's changing, so along with that, I'm here to ask you a question.

Have you updated to 1.7.6, 1.7.7, or 1.7.8?

Well, if you didn't, you probably shouldn't for now if you want to be able to access our server.

If you did, don't panic! You can easily go back to 1.7.4 or somewhere around there any time you want by clicking "profile editor" and setting up a new profile with the version you want to use. Personally I'm using Optifine with 1.7.4 and it's working great, but anywhere from 1.7 to 1.7.5 should probably work.

We're getting down to business on this fix as soon as possible (mostly it involves waiting until LibsDisguises supports the new protocol) - if you're using the versions I'm telling you to use and you can't get on the server, that probably means we've already fixed it.
Slay3r_PR0 Don't be scared to downgrade it only takes a few seconds!
[SM] CraftyCorey If you're still confused on how to downgrade, watch this video-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPyyuvETyI0 ...

April Fools!

[A] Hedgehogs4Me posted Apr 2, 14
Hey Dwarfscraftonians! Did you enjoy the shenanigans yesterday?

Of course, yesterday's post and the rank nonsense on DvZ2 was indeed a somewhat less than elaborate prank that I set up in about 15 minutes. You should know that in the continuous flood of people testing mod commands (the permissions for which, of course, they didn't have), it was sometimes pretty hard to read to read the chat from the console. Some of you were a little more skeptical, but I think that, in the end, we shenanigansed you all pretty well.

I'd like to remind everyone that, despite that they are not actually staff (with some exceptions, of course), they can still get access to a horse and better mob eggs by voting for us on minecraft-server-list, using the following link:


You do need to vote every day to maintain these privileges, but if you bookmark that link, you'll be well on your way to the easiest way you've ever obtained an invincible rectilinear horse.

of course, even easier is to donate to the server, which will give you those same privileges, plus many more (can anyone say "knight"?!), permanently! You can use the following quick link, or type /buy from ingame.


On a side note, congratulations to BowserJr423 for the fastest promotion and demotion ever to exist on this server - from his old rank to owner and back in just one day! For your prize, I give you an imaginary shiny penny, which you can redeem during your next visit to the server.
wlmleo THE MAGICAL PENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[M] TheIronCreepa agreed. I figured it out when he annoused it earlier today and I though "wow... this guys good."
Two weeks ago, we asked anonymous Dwarfscraft users if they think the average DvZ player would make a good moderator. Here are the results:

Would the average DvZ player make a good moderator?
| = 1 answer
YES: ||||||||||||||
NO : |||||||||

We were surprised by this result, so we did a larger, follow-up study on the following question:

Should all DvZ players be moderators?
| = 1 answer
YES: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
NO : ||||||||||||

We were astonished. Clearly, everybody wants this. Why had we not thought of this before? Our primary objective is to our players, right? If they're happy, we're happy.

So, today, we're proud to announce the return of the "TMod" rank, which is the new default rank, as well as 3 other ranks: "BMod", for former bronze donators, "SMod", for former silver donators, and "GMod", for former gold donators. The old rank "Mod" is now obsolete, so all former mods have been promoted to SrMod.

TMods have the following permissions:
- /kick
- /mute
- /unmute

BMods have those, plus these permissions:
- /ban -t
- /unban
- /broadcast

SMods have these permissions as well:
- /ban
- /fly
- /d villager
- /d villager setinvisible true (this functions like a vanish)
- /switch (for switching game modes, including to spectator)

GMods have these too:
/d (as anything)
/dplayer (disguises another player, for errors in our disguise plugin)

Please direct any questions to our new Co-Owner, BowserJr423. Thank you!
[M] DanTheMan497 Confused... ...
[M] TheIronCreepa delete my comment = my theory was right. Well i'm not going to resay it but all I have to say is well done.
[M] TheIronCreepa when is this going to take effect?


[A] wtfcabbages48 posted Jan 2, 14
DvZ voting is here!
Get recognized as a strong member of the Dwarfscraft community and gain perks while doing so! 

Vote to obtain members rank and get the awesome opportunity to gain a higher chance to get rare mob eggs! Just enter your username, complete the small verification task and go! 

Vote here!

Remember to vote regularly to sustain your rank!
drsondra@bellsouth.net Yes I think so
qwestqwerk317 Even I voted, and I have bronze rank! Everyone should vote to support the server!
DoctorWhooves527 i voted when i was logged out am i still member?

Hey guys, with the new twitch.tv update, ive already been asked several times if people can stream. The answer is a big YES! Go ahead, stream the game :-)
cutielu12 btw I had trouble getting minecraft with my email so I used a fake one so I cant use that but what I will do is find a w ...
craftmanphilip I could but... No Youtube= No viewers And also can't play till the 23rd AND at my Gradmother's house in the Middle Ea ...
[M] Bousce I will be able to livestream when it is available to windows 7
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