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:d at least redstone is much more easier in 1.8 :p gotta love commads
Thanks ^.^
Congrats Rawr
some servers are already on 1.8 so maybe soon
I know it may not be soon.. But how long until we upgrade to 1.8?
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About 1.8

[A] Hedgehogs4Me a posted 4 hours ago
MFW Minecraft updates

So, uhh, some of you may have noticed that Minecraft 1.8 has come out.
Some of you with good memory may recall that we can't update the server until we get a Bukkit/Spigot update.
Some of you who are clever may have noticed that Spigot already miraculously supports the 1.8 protocol, and are asking why we aren't at least supporting people using the 1.8 client.

Unfortunately, anything packet-based seems to be broken in Spigot 1.7/1.8 compatibility releases because they use slightly different protocols or something. We'll be able to update our plugins manually once we get a full release, but until then, it looks like we might be stuck with this.

We will continue testing, though, and if anyone has the capability and necessary experience to run their own private Spigot servers and would like to contribute to testing, please private message me and ask what they can do to help (you may be eligible for a reward of some Dwarfscraft points).

Were back to this website! Huzzah!
Drew5566 Welp i couldn't log in the NEW dvz server. So Am happy that were in this old one. I am happy ...
DeadlyDude10 I registered my mebership yesterday ...
BlazeDragon_ Good... I couldn't do the /register anyway.

Moving Websites!

[A] bowser123467 a posted Jun 19, 14
Hello everyone!

We are ditching Enjin and moving onto a more minecraft orientated website hoster.

We will be switching at the end of the week but until then you can register for the site by typing the command /register [email]

The new website can be found at Here

We will be switching from that to http://dwarfscraft.com after all changes have been made!

- Bowser
[M] LeCarlo VinCilo Will the new site support minecraft name changes?
[SM] awesomeguy100000 Is there a reputation system on the new forums?
[M] GizzBots Its going to take a while to convert all the staff on forums from here to that website, atleast we will know which staff ...
We are running on 1.7.9!
Don't panic, you can update!


Ey guys, your no-questions-asked favourite admin here. Everything's changing, so along with that, I'm here to ask you a question.

Have you updated to 1.7.6, 1.7.7, or 1.7.8?

Well, if you didn't, you probably shouldn't for now if you want to be able to access our server.

If you did, don't panic! You can easily go back to 1.7.4 or somewhere around there any time you want by clicking "profile editor" and setting up a new profile with the version you want to use. Personally I'm using Optifine with 1.7.4 and it's working great, but anywhere from 1.7 to 1.7.5 should probably work.

We're getting down to business on this fix as soon as possible (mostly it involves waiting until LibsDisguises supports the new protocol) - if you're using the versions I'm telling you to use and you can't get on the server, that probably means we've already fixed it.
[M] Zenith76 I made the mistake of updating once. It was terrible.
herobrine102245 Yeah I once downgraded to the oldest mc game. It doesn't let you save worlds and the world is flat. ...
PinkSpiral I have downgraded to 1.0 before.. wow how different it is.

April Fools!

[A] Hedgehogs4Me a posted Apr 2, 14
Hey Dwarfscraftonians! Did you enjoy the shenanigans yesterday?

Of course, yesterday's post and the rank nonsense on DvZ2 was indeed a somewhat less than elaborate prank that I set up in about 15 minutes. You should know that in the continuous flood of people testing mod commands (the permissions for which, of course, they didn't have), it was sometimes pretty hard to read to read the chat from the console. Some of you were a little more skeptical, but I think that, in the end, we shenanigansed you all pretty well.

I'd like to remind everyone that, despite that they are not actually staff (with some exceptions, of course), they can still get access to a horse and better mob eggs by voting for us on minecraft-server-list, using the following link:


You do need to vote every day to maintain these privileges, but if you bookmark that link, you'll be well on your way to the easiest way you've ever obtained an invincible rectilinear horse.

of course, even easier is to donate to the server, which will give you those same privileges, plus many more (can anyone say "knight"?!), permanently! You can use the following quick link, or type /buy from ingame.


On a side note, congratulations to BowserJr423 for the fastest promotion and demotion ever to exist on this server - from his old rank to owner and back in just one day! For your prize, I give you an imaginary shiny penny, which you can redeem during your next visit to the server.
wlmleo then i sneak into youe house and steal it!
BowserJr423 Its My Penny Now > ...
wlmleo THE MAGICAL PENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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